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Have Questions About Stamped Concrete Overlays in Seattle?

concrete stamping seattleIf you live in Seattle and are facing an outdoor home renovation, you may have questions about refinishing and rebuilding technology. For instance, what is the difference between stamped concrete overlays and ordinary stamped concrete?

Concrete Stamping

Stamped concrete refers to a process of pouring new concrete and stamping it for texture and color purposes. The stamping happens courtesy of molds, which are pressed into the concrete before it hardens. Color is added either by dry shakes or color hardeners, and sometimes by acid stains. This way, you can make ordinary concrete look like flagstone, marble, brick or slate surfaces. The stamped concrete process does make concrete more durable, and is cost effective. This is a popular process, especially when making concrete driveways and patios.

Stamped Concrete Overlay Seattle

What is involved with stamped concrete overlay? This refers to an application you put on top of existing concrete. Concrete overlay may use rubber imprinting tools or may use acrylic sprays. This technology can create more colors and textures of earthy and natural tones.

Why Should You Custom Concrete Your House?

Custom concrete is a trend in modern housing, and often times, homeowners will choose colors, designs and patterns that blend in with other stones or tiles that they have on their existing property. Thanks to modern imprinted concrete techniques, now all sorts of complexities can be achieved in concrete floor, as well as steps, courtyards, and even fountains.

Some of the most popular coating types include limestone coating, which goes well with concrete, brick and walls, old world stamp, which goes nicely with pool decks and entryways,  walkways and Tuscan style, which elevates European elegance.

A lot of DIY-ers have questions about how concrete is poured and how it is decorated. Inevitably, DIY-ers are left feeling disappointed that their concrete plans didn’t come out the way they hoped. They are even more frustrated when they start to see the concrete cracking and scaling! This is why you should always trust a professional to help you with stamped concrete installation and oversee concrete repair, restoration and resurfacing.

If you are in Seattle, Washington then opt for decorative resurfacing in addition to concrete repair!

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