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Residential Painting/House Painting

house-painting-seattleResidential painting has always been a  family affair in any households across the country. Painting and repainting walls, balconies, and concrete surfaces without proper knowledge of the tools and techniques in the trade will most likely bear a mediocre result.

For this reason, house painting has been institutionalized to provide professional yet affordable painting services to various residences.

Preparing the Surface

Preparing the surface prior to painting is well worth the time. This involves scraping, scrubbing, and sandblasting the old surface to clear it from old, chipping paint and other debris. This will not only ensure a smoother surface but also pave the way for blending of the old and new coat of paint. This painstaking process takes hours or even days on end when done manually. However, with the use of present-day power tools, the whole process of surface preparation may only take one to two hours before priming and painting can be done. Here are some of the tools that are used to prepare surfaces before painting it:

Pressure washer

This is a pre-painting tool used to wash away of dirt and debris away from the surface. Depending on the cleaning power of the pressure washer, it may be used to remove stains, graffiti, mold, mildew, and other stubborn stains that have already stuck to the concrete surface.

 residential paintingPower sander

Sanding has become imperative in the preparation of surfaces to be painted. What sanding materials do is to smoothen the uneven surface that’s been brought about by the the removal of paint patches. There are sanding materials that are manually used (sandpaper and sanding sponge) and there are mechanical sanders that is suitable for sanding large areas.

Paint scraper

A scraping tool is what removes loose, cracking paint and varnish from the surface that will be painted. There are a number of paint scrapers available in the market today—each one with a particular use. It is best to ask the hardware staff for advice if one is not sure on which tool to use.

Caulking gun

The caulking gun is what dispenses caulk on to cracks on the surface or in between crevices. For internal applications, acrylic latex caulk may be applied on gaps. This product is among the most affordable primarily because it is limited to applications that is not exposed to weather elements—particularly water. On the contrary, pure silicon caulk is the preferred product for application in areas that are always subject to water and moisture.

Masking machine

A masking machine is what dispenses large rolls of plastic or paper sheets that protect the ground and other nearby surfaces from drops of paint during the painting job. Using this tool, precious stained floors and furniture are spared from being accidentally splattered with paint.

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