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Where to Find Residential Decorative Concrete Resurfacing in Seattle?

residential concrete overlayThere are some fine homes in Seattle, WA and in surrounding cities of the great state of Washington. Who can deny one of the greatest show points of a home is the concrete patio? Unfortunately, badly cracked or scaled residential concrete is a distraction from what could otherwise be a beautiful home. This is why Seattle residents seek out residential decorative concrete resurfacing.

Whether you have concrete patios, a concrete deck, or even a concrete driveway, you can maintain your concrete section with decorative concrete design. This refers to a complete process of adding texture or color, staining overlaying, polishing, using epoxy and form liner. This process not only makes standard concrete more aesthetically appealing, but also helps to address problems in concrete.

Problems with Old Concrete Flooring

Old concrete flooring may have cracks, discolorations, or scaled parts, meaning the top layer of concrete has worn away. This rocky and uneven appearance in concrete can give your visitors a bad impression of the patio or deck. On the other hand, a smooth and perhaps even beautifully textured deck will complement a lovely home exterior.

Some homeowners prefer using residential decorative concrete resurfacing solely for the visuals. Instead of keeping a boring gray surface, you can create an original work of art using colors, patterns and textures that match the exteriors of your home. This high-end concrete finish process also ensures that your outdoor concrete feature stays durable, safe and protected from the elements.

The majority of concrete patios are not installed properly, in that they are not installed with adequate expansion joints. This leads to minor cracking, and that can easily turn into major cracking. When cracks become too big, the only option is total concrete replacement. However, if you address cracking issues sooner than later, through decorative concrete, you protect yourself while also giving your home a makeover.

Residential Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Seattle for All Occasions

You can order a custom concrete job for practically any concrete feature in or around Seattle, including garage floors, pool decks, driveways and front entryways, in addition to patios. Never invite friends or acquaintances over unless you have cleaned up your home…both inside and outside!

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