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Pressure Washing

pressure-washing-seattleA house is a valuable investment that many homeowners unwittingly neglect. For years, dozens of expensive cleaning materials and products are used in order to clean walls and concrete surfaces. Homeowners realize, after a couple of months, that these are never enough to keep concrete surfaces looking brand-new.

Pressure or power washing is the method of pressurizing water to remove unwanted stains on concrete surfaces. This is far from the pressurized water that is produced when part of the thumb is used to cover the tip of a garden hose. Instead, this mechanical sprayer is powered by an engine and a pump that delivers 100% more pressure than what an ordinary garden hose could provide. Moreover, different types of nozzles are also specially built for specific cleaning purposes. Lately, this technique has been applied by contractors who are preparing concrete surfaces for acid staining or overlaying. Aside from cleaning the exterior to prevent unwanted stains from being trapped in between the stains and concrete coats, pressure washing may also be used to remove unwanted graffiti and vandalism on almost any type of surface.

Why Use Pressure Washers

It is considered as one of the most effective ways to remove deep-seated dirt such as mud, grime, mold, and paint from various surfaces. The highly pressurized water is created by combining water with pressurized air from the pump which enables the water to clean various surfaces, whether in residential or commercial settings. With the use of this pressurized water, an individual would be able to remove stains easily while using as much as 80% less water. Therefore, it does not only require less effort but also less cleaning materials such as soap and water. This results to accumulated savings that will most likely surpass the expense for a power washer.

Differentiating Water Pressure from Water Flow

The cleaning power (CP) of a pressure washer to remove dirt from a concrete surface is based on two factors: water pressure (measure in terms of pounds per square inch or PSI) and water flow (measured in terms of gallons per minutes GPM). PSI is what determines the amount of pressure the water exerts on the ground where it is directed to. Simply put, PSI is the measure of how hard the pressurized water hits the surface being cleaned. This same pressure is what disintegrates the dirt and detaches it from the surface.

On the other hand, GPM refers to the amount of water flowing through the nozzle and is being thrown on the surface. If PSI is what removes the dirt from the surface, GPM is what rinses away loosened dirt from the area being cleaned. Thus, a pressure washer with higher PSI and GPM is able to clean better and faster using less water.

Pressure washing is a way to effectively clean any surface with less effort, time, and cleaning agents. There is absolutely no reason why homeowners wouldn’t love this efficient product. For a home that is as clean as it gets, trust only Sundek Seattle’s pressure washing services.

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