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What Is the Importance of Deck Waterproofing in Seattle, WA?

deck waterproofing seattleWhy is deck waterproofing important to Seattle residents? A deck is truly a beautiful amenity to any house and instantly creates a feeling of friendship and leisure with you and your guests. However, few things ever constructed are truly “waterproof.” We take for granted various home items that are waterproof, without actually realizing the substance that transforms something susceptible to water (and thus erosion and breakdown) into something completely strong and impenetrable.

This is the importance of deck waterproofing. Waterproofing means that the wood or construction materials used to create a deck cannot be penetrated by water, rain or any type of liquid. If you do not go about waterproofing a deck, then you may have to contend with water damage, including wood rot, mold growth, steel rusting and de-laminating.

How Difficult Is Deck Coating?

Waterproofing a deck may be more difficult than you anticipate. In fact, many DIY-ers and new contractors try to waterproof decks and fail to make them impenetrable. The best quality decorative concrete contractors  use a six-layer elastomeric system, which uses flexible fiberglass and rubber membrane. Six layers of strong material will make it impossible for a deck to leak or become internally soaked.

A waterproof deck is a necessity in cities (particularly in and around Seattle, Washington) that get moderate to heavy amounts of rain. In addition, swimming pool deck would also have to be waterproof. Decking with the right coating is important, especially if you will be having frequent visitors to your pool. The last thing you need is someone to slip and injure him/herself! A swimming pool deck needs not only deck waterproofing but also non-slip coating.

Roofs and Decks

Waterproof decking technology is similar to rooftop waterproofing, which must contend with the full power of a rainstorm. What’s nice about roof top decks and ground decks is that a quality contractor will not only waterproof the surface, but can also use concrete staining or painting to create a beautiful work of art.

If you live in Seattle, Washington and want to protect your decks from water damage, don’t hesitate to contact a quality contractor and protect your luxurious new amenities!


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