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Using Seattle Resurfacing to Build the Concrete Patios of Your Dreams

seattle concrete patiosWhen creating your dream patio, there are many things to consider, flooring being one of the major items. Have you given any thought to concrete flooring? When concrete is mentioned, the first thing that often comes to mind is a boring gray slab of ugly! F Who wants that? With this mental image clearly in mind, the thought of concrete patios at first mention may sound far from appealing. However, that image is far from the truth! Dismiss any ideas that you thought you knew about concrete, and check out some of the amazing flooring options available in Seattle, WA.

Concrete Patio Possibilities

Your jaw may drop when you see the beautiful patio ideas available in concrete. Terra cotta reds, rich charcoals, blues, greens, plums, and nearly any color you could desire are all available. Concrete can be colored and finished in such a way that even the most beautiful tiling cannot compare. You can aim for natural stone or marble tones, or go all out with mural images.

Concrete can also be designed in endless ways, meaning whatever you can dream up for your patio is a possibility. You can also have stamped or imprinted concrete, which perfectly resembles a stone paved area such as brick designs, cobblestone and slate. Using concrete instead of actual stones is not only affordable, but also allows for greater durability.

patio resurfacing seattle, waMaintenance Is Easy for Concrete Patios

Cleaning concrete patios is a breeze and usually only requires spot cleaning with soap and water. If you get a tough build up, or a lot has time has passed, then pressure washing your waterproof concrete is usually an easy to manage option. Resealing every few years to keep everything looking brand new is usually the only other maintenance job for concrete patio designs.

If you are looking for patio flooring that is cost effective, easy to maintain, and that comes with endless possibilities, look into concrete patio designs. Once you see all that can be accomplished, you will never even think of the pricier options. Look for a professional decorative concrete contractor Seattle who can help to install the patio of your dreams in Seattle, Washington!

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