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Give Your Concrete Driveway in Seattle a Makeover!

Concrete Driveway seattleIf you live near or around the Seattle, WA area, then no doubt you have noticed some of the beautiful homes owned by your neighbors. Yours is just as lovely, provided of course, you give proper attention to the concrete driveway. The driveway is one of the most important areas of the house when it comes to first impressions. No doubt, a high quality concrete driveway speaks volumes as to your class, your cleanliness and your image.

This is the part of the house that hosts your guests’ precious sports cars, minivans and motorcycles! You cannot afford to skimp here, especially if you just moved into a house that has a patch of worn concrete. Not to worry, you can maintain a worn concrete driveway through driveway resurfacing.

The Problem with Old Cement Driveways

Old driveways, usually made from asphalt or concrete, tend to crack or “scale,” which means to lose their top layer. Extra-thin concrete is the least reliable (and yet often poured) and can compromise the elegance of your home. Besides these imperfections, old concrete is also quite bland in color.

This is why many homeowners are investing in “painted concrete,” otherwise known as driveway resurfacing, or decorative driveway refinishing. Using patterns, colors and textures to decorate your driveway creates instant “curb appeal” and can actually be made to fit any exterior style you are going for.

Why Quality Work Matters

When resurfacing a concrete driveway in Seattle, your contractor should be concerned about quality. Many of the Do It Yourself kits out there have cheap, thin mix and it doesn’t bode well for long-term concrete durability. Concrete driveway projects can be customized according to your wants or you can choose from popular textures, such as coastal style, farmhouse style, Spanish style, ranch, Victorian or even colonial style.

If you are looking for concrete resurfacing Seattle work in the Seattle area (or in a nearby city), then choose a contractor who is experienced, educated and that provides online samples of their completed works. Make sure to give your home an outdoor makeover this season by having a contractor install a resurfaced and painted concrete driveway!


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