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You Can Be Proud of Your Seattle Basement Thanks to a Professional Basement Finish!

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Why is everyone so ashamed of their basement? Some people may be downright terrified of their basement, and not because of creepy-crawly things but because of ugly basement floors. Basement floors are rarely used and may be leftover projects from three generations ago, so naturally they don’t always look so great.

However, you can make the basement in your home a much happier place by investing in professional basement finish. You can enhance the appearance of the basement floor while also maintaining it for durability.

The Great Potential of a Basement

Few homeowners ever stop to consider the potential of a basement; it’s not merely storage space but can actually be used as living space, with a few homey touches. You can add a concrete basement finish and transform an ordinary cracked floor into a welcoming concrete surface with full color and textures.

Concrete basement floors can be turned into living room quarters, perfectly fit for sociable rooms, extra bedrooms, or libraries. In fact, in real estate, a basement is ranked just behind kitchens and bathrooms in terms of maximizing a home’s value. It’s also far cheaper to work on the basement finish than to build another room or add another floor onto your house, which is certainly an expensive renovation.

The Basement Resurface Process

The resurfacing process can involve a variety of applications as well as leveling to ensure that the surface is clean, even and free from cracks. Concrete refinish Seattle projects can include stamped concrete, concrete staining, acrylic texturing, epoxy coating, mictrotopping, and clear sealers.

If only homeowners realized the potential of basement floors! Just think, you could add on a livable room by cleaning up the basement area and giving some attention to the floor. Basements floors do not have to be cold and damp, nor do they have to be covered up with carpet. In fact, ordering a concrete refinish can help to reduce radon infiltration, which is a health benefit!

It’s something that needs to be done and that can be done creatively! If you live in Seattle, Washington or a nearby city, then look for a quality contractor who can handle a basement concrete resurface job. It will feel like you’re adding a new room to your house!


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