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Get Something Extra The Next Time You Need Concrete Repair

concrete work seattleHow about something a little extra for the next time you have to do concrete crack repair? We’re talking about concrete refinishing! Concrete repair is just a fact of life, business and owning your own home. Concrete doesn’t last forever, and crumbles easily when it is made cheaply and with thin mixtures. If you haven’t maintained your concrete floor in a while or are buying a new house full of cracks, dents and “scaling” then it’s time to get serious about concrete repair.

However, you would be remiss to pass up the opportunity to get concrete refinishing along with your concrete repair contract. Some contractors in Seattle offer concrete decorative painting along with repairs for approximately the same price as general repairs. There is no reason to pay extra just to retain a bland and uninteresting design. Your home shouldn’t look like the local school curb! Put some pizzazz into your exteriors, and make them an extension of your overall home style.

What Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Seattle Involves

Decorative concrete resurfacing involves a variety of technologies for coloring concrete (and adding patterns) as well as repairing cracks and other flaws. After fixing the flaws in the concrete and treating it with chemicals that enhance durability, you can add color or textures to the concrete by various technologies. These include concrete overlaying, staining, acrylic spray, epoxy and polyaspartic coatings and microtopping.

Some homeowners have modernistic designs and want to transform their porch or patio into a small castle, while other homeowners want to preserve the original concrete design and vibrant colors of yesteryear, and so will invest in concrete restoration.

Order More than Just Concrete Repair in Seattle, Washington

If you live in Seattle, Washington or in surrounding counties, then consider adding decorative resurfacing to your repair contract. In addition to repairing hairline cracks, sidewalk cracks, driveway cracks, holes and scaling layers, you can also add a touch of art to your home! Call us at (206) 723-7232 or email us at


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