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What Are the Most Popular Sundek Products for Seattle Residents?

decorative concrete seattle waIf you live in the great city of Seattle then you are probably very interested in learning ways to increase your home value and generally fit in with this eclectic and elegant city. Whereas most homeowners and business owners will pursue home renovation, Sundek has a better (and cheaper) idea. Why not spruce up your concrete by investing in decorative concrete Seattle? Sundek products offer a convenient way to color concrete without having to invest in a home renovation, or a concrete replacement project, which can be just as expensive.

Sundek’s has a variety of popular products, and they span multiple technologies. The company offers stamped concrete, as well as concrete staining through acid. There are also acrylic texture systems, epoxy coatings and microtopping. However, one of the most popular product series is the company’s concrete overlays, which are easy to customize, affordable and yet infinitely creative.

Top Sundek Concrete Products

1. SunStamp

What are the top Sundek products in the overlays category? SunStamp is one of the top overlay textures and brings an old world feel to cement areas. Its unique style of stamps, templates and freeform carving can make a dramatic concrete presentation. This special texture is only installed by authorized “artisans.”

2. Tuscan

Tuscan texture brings a distinctly European beauty to ordinary concrete designs through the technology of hand-trowelling thicker applications, as well as utilizing advanced coloring techniques. Sundek offers a wide range of textures, patterns and colors—and more so in the overlay selection than with other resurfacing techniques.

3. Classic

Sundek Classic is the original and industry-changing spray overlay that offers excellent visuals as well as slip-resistance and temperature cooling. This is the most commonly used custom concrete for swimming pool decks.

4. LimeStone Coating

Limestone coating is a unique coating that can be applied over many surfaces, including hard-to-work with materials like brick, foam, cinder block and pre-cast moldings. This looks like real limestone but spares you the high cost and high risk of carrying the real thing.

5. SunCanvas

SunCanvas is an extra smooth overlay that can incorporate stencils or a scored design, and can bond with almost any surface besides concrete, including wood, plastic and marble.

6. SunSplash

SunSplash is a spray coating that works ideally with vertical or horizontal surfaces. This coating also protects concrete against weather elements, salt and various environmental factors.

7. SunSand

SunSand is a solution that allows the inclusion of glass beads or aluminum oxide to add an extra special decorative glow. This coating is also slip-resistant and protected from the weather.

8. SunColor

SunColor is a water-based acrylic coating that is applied over a number of surfaces for maximum durability and bright sunny colors.

9. SunGlaze

SunGlaze is a coating that mixes a powder color pigment and a clear finish coat to create a new and almost translucent stain color. In addition, the coating helps in maintenance and long-term protection.

Sundek has some of the most innovative concrete coatings on the market. If you live in or around the Seattle, WA area then check out the latest concrete design textures from Sundek!


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